Growing Wealth Masterclass

Grow and manage wealth as a young person. The Growing Wealth Masterclass was created to help correct and redefine the modern narrative of wealth, and to enable you with the system to build future securities.

Wealth is more than just money

Today, there are a lot of ideas out there on what wealth is and the most common of them all is that wealth is money. Wealth is more than just money, it is having an abundance of valuable resources and ideas. The reason why so many fail to accrue wealth is because their foundational knowledge of it is wrong. This is why it is important that you get the proper knowledge of wealth in order to be able to successfully lead a wealthy lifestyle.

Building wealth is simple, but hard.

The key factors to building wealth are quite easy, but following the process can seem difficult. Having the knowledge of these factors and the processes involved will help you stay consistent in building a wealthy lifestyle.

Growing Wealth

A 2-hour program taught by experts in the field to help correct and redefine the modern narrative of wealth, and to enable you with the system to build future securities.

What wealth truly is

Wealth is the abundance of valuable possessions and ideas.

Wealth is far beyond money. In fact, on the list of things that constitutes wealth, cash money is the least.

How to build wealth

In building wealth, build a rich mindset. Don’t think of wealth as money alone; rather, think of it as a lifestyle.

How to sustain wealth

Sustaining a wealthy lifestyle has a lot to do with the efficient management of your resources – that is, your time, energy, ideas and money. Be frugal!

How to grow wealth

In order to grow wealth, make an intentional effort to constantly invest in knowledge, expand your network by building meaningful relationships and find innovative ways to offer value to others always.

From Gerald I. Egeonu

"Money responds to your energy. If you focus your energy on things that generate wealth, you will naturally generate wealth. "

People don’t succeed merely because they desire to succeed. People succeed because they have an advantage and having the right knowledge about wealth is an advantage.


This masterclass will open up your mind to realities that you might have never thought existed before now. This is why you can’t afford to miss it. Sign up today, it’s FREE!

Gerald I. Egeonu

He’s a poet, author, speaker, strategist, and the founder of Eruptify. 

As a business consultant, he has worked on several projects with several SMEs and individuals over the past few years.

Sam Chukwudieze

A highly intuitive finance and investment analyst, presenting both theoretical and practical opportunities for the benefit of others.

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