Gerald I. Egeonu

Growth Strategist & Leadership Consultant

Area of expertise

Growth Strategy
Emotional Intelligence
Life Coaching


Gerald is a leadership consultant and growth strategist with several years of experience consulting, coaching, training, and speaking for both businesses and individuals to find the clarity and strategy to grow their enterprise.

Gerald brings in inspiring and superior content, and thought-provoking concepts bound together with his experiences in leadership, relationships, and enterprises. As a public speaker, Gerald’s talks are known to inspire, motivate, and get you thinking with an abundance of humour and passion.

He is the Founder of Eruptify and the Convener of the Young Founders Masterclass, DesignYourLife, Growing Wealth: How to begin, The Marriage Project and the Leader of the Conquering Degrees Growth Community – a mentorship platform designed to give individuals the tools to grow and execute their vision.