Ebuka Umeh

Founder, Project Construction Engineer
2E Integrated Solutions Limited

Area of expertise

Project Management
Strategic Management

Ebuka Umeh is a versatile professional with a great flair for solution generation in business in a bid to make social impact, ensure profitability when required and encourage youth development. He is committed to solving problems with the utilization of technologies to unlock the solutions to the challenges in his inherent community. He is currently a DSC mentor for Google where he provides guidance on tech and leadership-related issues for DSC leads. He specializes in solving problems using machine learning models. Ebuka is the CEO and co-founder of 2E Integrated Solutions Limited, a company that was born out of sheer desire to unlock the potential of the Nigerian markets using information technology. He is a board member of Kiru Energy LLC which is centered on sustainable energy in Nigeria. He is also a project construction engineer/project coordinator for BW Offshore. His versatility in leadership and writing has made him receive several national and international awards. He has over 8 publications and articles in respected international journals. He possesses a bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and a master’s degree. He recently completed Tekedia Mini-MBA in readiness to launch what was garnered from that studies in the business world.