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Gain the skills to build the life you want. Design your life is designed to help you discover your life’s purpose and take action to live your most meaningful life.

If you leave your life to itself, you will be shocked by its outcome.

If you want to live a life that has meaning, one that feels good and doesn’t just look good on the outside, then you need to live with intentionality. Nothing that has ever been and that will ever be great happens by chance. In fact, anything left to itself will over time decay and die – this is as a result of entropy and the only way to beat entropy or slow down its effect is to take action (intentional steps).

You only get this one shot at life. Don't sleepwalk through it.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Don’t let others decide the kind of life you will live. If you fail to design the kind of life you ought to live, you will end up living one that was designed by someone else.

Design Your Life

A full-day workshop that provides you with the tools to plan and design the future you desire.


For you to live a life of meaning, you must have clarity of your why. Find the meaning of purpose, answer questions that help you gain clarity and find out your channel of expressions.


One of the ways to achieve clarity is to ‘pen your thoughts on paper.’ What are you willing to do yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily to achieve your goals? Write them down!

Decision Pathways

There are multiple pathways you can take on your journey to purpose fulfillment. Answer questions that will give you further clarity on the best path to follow – what are the goals you want to achieve, decisions you need to make and action steps you can take to achieve them?

Strategies & Game Theory

A fool with a plan is better than a genius without one.

Set up your strategies for success: accountability structures, reward system, crucifixion model.

From Gerald I. Egeonu

"I have seen how intentionality contributes to the process of becoming. Not everyone will experience a "dramatic" introduction to their life's purpose but every purpose comes from God and there are systems crystallized by His principles that when applied will lead to the same discovery. "

It is better to have knowledge than to have limitations. Everything on earth and every person has been given a unique purpose by God. To live a life full of meaning, you need to lead an intentional life.


Intentional living starts with clarity of why. This is why you can’t afford to miss this workshop where you will be given the tools to #DesignYourLife. And the best part of it is that it is FREE!

Gerald I. Egeonu

He’s a poet, author, speaker, strategist, and the founder of Eruptify.

As a business consultant, he has worked on several projects with several SMEs and individuals over the past few years.

Shobola Ibukun

Ibukun has also helped develop and sustain private brands and businesses through visuals design and strategy.
He is a certified designer and business strategist, and the founder of Showballer Visuals

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