Take your company to the next level

Corporate trainings

Empower your teams to make the most of their talents. We offer training across a wide range of technical and soft skills structured to help you meet your goals.

The greatness of a company/organization is also dependent on its workforce.

Continuous learning and professional development is a key factor for business growth and retaining quality employees. As we evolve a knowledge-based economy, it is necessary to engage in regular trainings to keep the advantage in your industry.

At Eruptify, we believe that a responsive, customized, need-based training makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one. 

Customized solutions for your business challenges.

For each business, we take a tailored approach to developing change within your organisation with the goal to educate, inspire and accelerate growth. 

The process is simple. You tell us everything about your challenges, business focus, your culture and your goals  – and we’ll create a bespoke learning experience for you. This will typically consist of speaker sessions, collaborative exercises and workshops, all conducted by members of our faculty who are experts in their respective fields. 

Strategic partnerships, consultancy and growth strategy

At Eruptify, we are committed to developing and teaching growth strategies to solve real business challenges.

Our experienced and qualified team can provide on-going guidance, support, and actionable advice to build an organizational culture where employees excel and businesses tthrive. It can be a two-day intensive workshop or a year-long consulting project. We can conduct it at our location or in the comfort of your own office, wherever that is.

Areas of expertise

We can help you with:

Marketing & Sales

Learn the methodologies and tools that will help you create an effective marketing and sales strategy.

People, Leadership & Management

How to lead through your business culture. Learn about workplace ethics and managing diversity and how to manage a team of people.

Customer Experience

Understand the impact of great customer experience and how to optimize it and through effective businesss communications.


From accounting to financial analysis, you need to make sure that everything is done right. We’ll show you how to make your accounting/finances processes more efficient. 

Soft Skill Training

Understand the power of the latest technologies and how they can help you create new market opportunities. 


Learn the latest approaches to HSE for office and how you can crreate and cultivate a hazard-proof environment.

Facility Management

We offer courses and trainings for your staff on how to effectively manage company facilities and/or warehouses.

On-demand Trainings

We also take a look at what your current needs are and design courses and training programmes around that.

Our Faculty

Meet the Humans of Eruptify